CI Complete can help you get into the Critical Illness market

Have you thought about entering the CI market but don't have the time or resources to develop a product on your own?

Do you want to expand your presence?

We can help you with CI Complete.

CI Complete is a comprehensive package of product training and marketing solutions that help U.S. carriers enter the Critical Illness insurance market quickly, efficiently and intelligently. It's their jump-start – all of the elements needed to develop, price, market and underwrite a competitive CI product.


Product Development Guide – Detailed definitions and rationale of Critical Illness benefit eligibility triggers. Streamlines the state approval process by pre-addressing the most common state objections.
SOURCE–CI Online Manual – The leading underwriting manual for individual CI insurance in the U.S. For those carriers in the group and worksite markets, our guaranteed issue limits are clear and concise, enabling our clients to make the right decisions when enrollment conditions support the likelihood of strong participation.
Current and Relevant Data – Our actuaries continually search for, examine and update our data to ensure that we have the most current and relevant incidence statistics on each of the benefit eligibility triggers we cover. They work closely with our physicians and underwriters to ensure that we are adjusting the data to fit the definitions being insured.
Critical Illness Competency Center – Brings together our CI experts from around the globe to ensure that best practices are shared across markets. Our actuaries will work with your team to finalize pricing based on your unique market conditions and strategy.
Insurance Policy – Our fully-developed CI insurance policy assists our clients with sound risk management and speed to enter the market. Your team can file it quickly and easily.
CI Application – Collects all the important information needed to make an informed and appropriate decision while maintaining a simplicity that agents and consumers value and appreciate.
Training Materials – Our iBook on CI provides a comprehensive “101 training” overview of the product – pricing, underwriting, claims, marketing and risk management – a good tool for any home office associate. Also see our training blogs and videos, including "The Origin and Growth of CII" and “CI Producer Perspectives,” that explain why consumers need CII protection.
Claims Adjudication Training - Our Critical Illness Claims Guide and experienced claims staff provides best-practices guidance and training on the development and adjudication of Critical Illness benefit triggers. This guide provides sample claim forms as well as insight into evaluation of each of the core conditions covered in a Critical Illness policy.
Re-brandable Marketing Materials – Many of our materials can be customized and re-branded for your company's unique needs. Our blogs, videos, infographics and brochures will help your marketers hit the road running when you launch your CI product.
Market Surveys – 32-page survey report captures vital information on sales, product, pricing, demographics, experience, claims and more across the industry. More than 90% of the market participates each year.

Proprietary Research – Our research on Millennials provides insights into how they think and what is important to them. Our research on Behavioral Economics as it applies to insurance helps insurers make improvements, such as making their products more appealing, optimizing decision support tools, or improving consumers’ honesty on applications.

Our Gen Re / Spring Group Voluntary Pulse survey provides an understanding into employee buying behavior for voluntary worksite sales. This study surveyed more than 3,000 individuals in order to learn what drives their propensity to purchase, or not purchase, insurance products.


For more information on CI Complete, please contact Kayla Rooney at or 207 347 4651.