Digital Dialogues – Curious Insights for Disruptive Times

Digital disruption presents insurers with infinite challenges and possibilities. We asked industry leaders, consultants, innovators, digital specialists and academics around the world how they see the future for the industry. Hear what they told us in this series of 10 short podcasts.

Episode 10: Joining the dots between us

Audio Only  |  Time: 13:08

When it comes to realising the sheer breadth of possibility technology presents, the insurance industry is still at an exploratory stage. What is clear is that innovation is not the sole domain of startups. In the final episode of this series we look at how something far larger and more collaborative is taking place in a meeting of worlds, between tech and incumbent companies, consultants and investors.

Featuring: Jaco Oosthuizen, Zia Zaman, Arian Lewis, Nicolaas Kruger, Sam Hall, Megan Hayes, Chris Kaye, Ali Safavi, Peter Temple, Myles Rix, Dion Chang, Craig Peters, Huw Evans, Sello Moloko.



Episode 9: A friendly, frictionless user experience?

Audio Only  |  Time: 11:36

Some of the things the insurance industry can learn from the best interface designers are simplicity, friendliness and a frictionless user experience. Taking a leaf out of this book could help insurance providers catch-up with retail and digital services for customer attention, connection and lifetime engagement. So, what do we need to consider in this leap to “customer central”?

Featuring: Dave Duarte, Anders Sörman-Nilsson, David O’Brien, Craig Peters, Dr Shaun Conway, Toby Heap, Charles Rupare, Ross Beerman, Zia Zaman, Dr Catriona Wallace, Karin Kruger.



Episode 8: Disruption behind the scenes

Audio Only  |  Time: 13:01

Disruption is not constrained to distribution and customer experience. It is often invisible, gaining traction behind the scenes. One minute nothing, and then suddenly the game changes in unexpected ways. What difference will advancements in data analytics, processing and the ability to identify new opportunities make to insurers?

Featuring: Anton Gildenhuys, Lisa Friedman, Craig Peters, Dr Frank Tong, Karin Kruger, Shaun Conway, Dr Cules Van Den Heever, Dave Duarte, Rob Hoehn, Nick Stanhope, Arian Lewis, Morne Mostert, David O’Brien, Tim Tez, Anders Sörman-Nilsson.



Episode 7: Me and my machine

Audio Only  |  Time: 11:08

With a distribution model rooted in the last century, the insurance industry risks being left behind in a digital world that is increasingly self-service. Dynamic interfaces, artificial intelligence, robo advisors, virtual personal assistants and chatbots are rapidly creating a new engagement reality and customer experience. How can insurers innovate to stay plugged in?

Featuring: Ross Beerman, Steve Groves, Emma Thompson, Guy Mills, Timon Templeton, Peter Dempsey, Catriona Wallace, Brendan McEvoy, Alex Scandurra, Jan Schoombee, Dion Chang, Gregory LaBlanc, Herman Gyr, Nicolaas Kruger.



Episode 6: Time to leave the comfort zone

Audio Only  |  Time: 12:29

Emerging trends point to a rapidly changing world where insurers have been slow to respond. Needs relating to longevity, self-employment, the gig economy, collective cross-generational family needs, the on-demand needs of the youth and “the next 3 billion” - the as yet unbanked and uninsured - must be addressed. The industry must step out of its comfort zone and develop solutions that make it a force of relevance in these emerging markets and in the 21st century.

Featuring: Steve Groves, Alex Koslowski, Myles Rix, Deepak Jobanputra, Zia Zaman, Emma Thompson, Herman Gyr, Anders Sörman-Nilsson, Dave Duarte, Karin Kruger, Ali Safavi, Guy Mills, David Lamb, Chris Kaye, Arian Lewis, Nick Stanhope.



Episode 5: Mobile – the digital gateway

Audio Only  |  Time: 12:17

Society today is effectively mobile first. For most, mobile is their first digital experience and only digital interface. This means that the financial services and insurance industries have the opportunity to not only gear their focus to mobile as an extension of existing services, but to also create entirely new business models, products and services to serve this market and the jobs they need done. Is the industry up to this?

Featuring: Arian Lewis, Jan-Philipp Kruip, Nicolaas Kruger, David Gillespie, Jaco Langner, Kevin Angelini, David O’Brien, Chris Kaye, Fiona Macgregor, Tim Tez, Catriona Wallace, Arian Lewis, Shaun Conway, Katryna Dow.



Episode 4: Being more human in a hyper-digital world?

Audio Only  |  Time: 12:27

We are now in a world where non-human intelligence can get involved in just about anything we do. New technology – from apps to artificial intelligence and lots in between – has the capacity to disrupt the insurance industry dramatically and/or enable it to innovate in extraordinary ways. How can the industry respond to this chance to bring, paradoxically, a more human face and interface to the services we provide?

Featuring: Herman Gyr, Anders Sörman-Nillson, Zia Zaman, Samuel Hall, Catriona Wallace, Guy Mills, David Lamb, Kevin Angelini, Curt Carlson, Robert M. Hoehn, Dave Duarte.



Episode 3: Can life insurers become life-enablers?

Audio Only  |  Time: 14:06

While the insurance industry is experimenting, innovating, partnering and collaborating for future relevance, can it rethink its value proposition in such a way that moves insurance out of the background of people’s lives and into the foreground – becoming visible, felt, connected and enabling? Can we help people live richer, fuller, longer, healthier and more fulfilling lives? And if so, how?

Featuring: Dave Duarte, Anders Sörman-Nilsson, Alex Scandurra, Adam Winslow, Tim Tez, Guy Mills, Chris Kaye, Ali Safavi, Arian Lewis, Jaco Oosthuizen, Brendon McEvoy, Myles Rix, Herman Gyr and Curt Carlson.



Episode 2: The “mecosystem” - customers in the driving seat

Audio Only  |  Time: 12:36

Coined by Interbrand South Africa, the term ‘mecosystem’ describes how technology places the customer at the centre of their universe and in the driving seat. This means it’s now about financial services coming to customers in ways that let them engage with products and processes on their own terms. Since individuals will own their data, why can’t they also create their own products? If this possibility represents the new customer engagement, is the insurance industry prepared?

Featuring: Charles Rupare, Alex Scandurra, Dave Duarte, Arian Lewis, Zia Zaman, Jerry Toher, Morne Mostert, Jaco Oosthuizen, Alex Koslowski, Catriona Wallace, Nicolaas Kruger, Jan Schoombee, Katryna Dow.



Episode 1: Global disruption and a “fitness for change”

Audio Only  |  Time: 13:24

Disruption is not an industry event, but a global phenomenon – named at the World Economic Forum in 2015 as “The Fourth Industrial Revolution”. There’s no industry not being profoundly impacted by the latest technological developments. So what does disruption mean and how do we build a fitness for change that will help the insurance industry navigate this unpredictability successfully and innovatively?

Featuring: Katryna Dow, Nicole Anderson, Nicolaas Kruger, Herman Gyr, Brendon McEvoy, Peter Temple, Frank Tong Fuk-Kay, Dion Chang, Arian Lewis, Anton Gildenhuys, Brett Clarke, Guy Mills, Dave Duarte.



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