Do You Know Where Your Cyber Exposure Is?

Download our white paper for the questions and answers you should review.

Insurers should understand where and how they are covering Data Breaches and Cyber Liability in their existing property and casualty portfolios. One source of Cyber Risk is explicit coverage under cyber policies while the other is more of a “silent” or in some cases overlooked coverage under some other commercial products.

There are five questions that should help an insurer gain an understanding of the totality of its Cyber exposure. We hope our publication helps you plan.

  • What is my exposure under traditional CGL policies?
  • What is my exposure under Property, Crime/Fraud/Bond and other traditional first-party policies?
  • What is my exposure under specialized Cyber policies versus traditional policies?
  • How does my reinsurance address cyber across my insurance products?
  • How will regulators, rating agencies, business partners, policyholders and board members measure my cyber exposure and resiliency?