Evaluating ExamOne’s LabPiQture As a New Tool for Life Underwriting [White Paper]

Region: North America

Life insurers need actionable responses to current underwriting challenges – including the need for fluidless Accelerated Underwriting alternatives, while striving to maintain the same level of mortality.

Gen Re worked with ExamOne to study the value of LabPiQture as a new underwriting tool and recommends using it:

  • In underwriting during COVID-19 when traditional requirements may not be available
  • As an enhancement to existing AU programs to offset some mortality slippage associated with such programs, as well as to improve time service for a larger segment of business
  • As a tool in companies’ full underwriting requirements

The attached white paper provides some insight into our study results.

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Gen Re is ready to quickly assist our clients with analyzing how best to incorporate LabPiQture into their underwriting workflow to improve their business results. Please contact your Gen Re Account Representative if you would like to schedule a Webex presentation of the results and discuss the roadmap for implementation.



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